Jane E. Pollock, co-author of Classroom Instruction that Works (Marzano, Pickering, Pollock, 2001) published a series of books - the One at a Time Series with ASCD - to help teachers and administrators truly implement research-based high yield strategies in every classroom every day.  The One at a Time Series includes books for teachers, principals and coaches, and EL and Special Education teachers.  ASCD has archived webinars on the topics of each of the books.

Janie and the other Learning Horizon Associates provide workshops and keynotes addresses about increasing student engagement and achievement from Kinder to grade 12 in all subject areas, including Career and Tech classes .

Lesson planning using GANAG (a 21st century lesson planning schema that updates M. Hunter's ITIP) and unit planning using the i5:Planning for Innovation (to teach thinking using technology) improve teachers' abilities to work with all students.

Janie's book, Minding the Achievement Gap One Classroom at a Time (ASCD, 2012), introduces lesson planning for co-teachers, GANAGPlus, and the very practical Student Self-Assessment Scoresheets, and IN9 Interactive Notebooks  for all students, but in also for Special Education teachers, and those who teach English Language Learners using State Standards or other rigorous standards and curriculums.  

On Formative Assessment and books by Corwin:

Feedback: the Hinge that Joins Teaching and Learning (Corwin, 2011) is a great reminder that, "It's the teacher" who makes the difference for every student.  The book discusses formative assessment and high yield strategies by incorporating the concept of Postive Deviance.  

The September 2012 Educational Leadership (ASCD) features an article about feedback online:

How Feedback Leads to Engagement  (Pollock)       

September 2012 | Volume 70 | Number 1 
Feedback for Learning