Learning Horizon, Inc. is an educational research and consulting firm.  Founded by Jane E. Pollock in 2000, our mission is improving student learning.   

Jane E. Pollock, Ph.D.

Jane, co-author of ASCD bestseller, Classroom Instruction That Works (2001), works worldwide with teachers, coaches and principals on instruction and supervision.  Her work results in improved student achievement at the classroom and school levels.

Jane's work as a classroom teacher in general education and with English Language Learners led her into school administrator and then to becoming a senior researcher for McREL Research Laboratory.  With years of success in schools in the US, Jane started Learning Horizon as a way to customize professional development for private and public schools in the US and internationally.  Jane is recognized for her conference presentations that turn research into practical solutions for teachers.  In addition to her publications, her work is featured in webinars, school reports, as well as, for example, in a book of promising schools in Australia entitled, "Class Act" (2013).

Jane wrote Improving Student Learning One Teacher at a Time (2007) and Feedback: the Hinge that Joins Teaching and Learning (2011).  She coauthored Dimensions of Learning Teacher and Training Manuals (1996), Assessment, Grading and Record Keeping (1999), Classroom Instruction That Works (2001), Improving Student Learning One Principal at a Time (2009) and Minding the Achievement Gap One Classroom at a Time (2012) and her new book, The i5 approach: lesson planning for teaching thinking and fostering innovation (2017).  Her current manuscript pending publication is, The Teacher Knowing-Doing Gap.

A native of Venezuela, Jane studied at the University of Colorado and Duke University. 

She can be reached by e-mail at jpollock@learninghorizon.net


Learning Horizon Associates

Gary S. Nunnally, Ed.D., former middle school classroom teacher, works as an adjunct professor of education at Nebraska Wesleyan University, and as a secondary social sciences teacher in Waverly, Nebraska.  In addition, Gary has experience working with multiple school districts the past ten years in order to improve teaching, and help teachers close the student knowing-doing gap.  Gary contributed a chapter to Improving Student Learning One Teacher at a Time (2007) and wrote Improving Student Learning: Examining the Teacher Knowing-Doing Gap (pending).  From Lincoln, NE, Gary earned degrees at Nebraska Wesleyan University, Doane College, and The University of Nebraska, Lincoln. Gary can be reached at nunnallygary@gmail.com

Frank Korb, artist and art teacher, shares his strategies for lesson design, website, and student interactive notebooks.  He can be reached at his website,  https://artwithkorb.com and by email at fjkorb@gmail.com

Ian Mulligan, M.Ed., secondary principal, works with teachers to improve student learning and teaching. A native of St. Louis, MO, he earned his Bachelor Degree at the University of Dayton and Master of Education degree and his administrative license at Regis University in Denver, Colorado.

Ian, a former science teacher and STEM coordinator for elementary schools, Ian contributed to Feedback: The Hinge-Factor that Joins Teaching and Learning (2012).  He can be reached at ianpmulligan@gmail.com

Jenn Sykora, Ed.D., principal, works in St. Louis. Jenn revitalized her own classroom with the use of the IN9, an interactive notebook that utilizes the 9 high yield strategies and now applies that same information with her faculty and when presenting for professional development. 

Susan Hensley, M.Ed., coauthor on the book The i5 approach: lesson planning for teaching thinking and fostering innovation (2017), also wrote a chapter in the book, Minding the Achievement Gap One Classroom at a Time (Pollock, 2012), explaining the ways that she helps hundreds of teachers motivate students to learn better as a result of using research-based strategies.

Susan taught at the elementary level, worked as a literacy facilitator, and now is the Executive Director of Elementary Education in the Rogers School District in Rogers, Arkansas.

Susan earned degrees at the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville and John Brown University.  She has an ESL endorsement and is a Northwest Arkansas National Writing Project Teacher Consultant.  

She coaches  teachers to improve student learning through curriculum, lesson preparation and delivery, and assessment.  Susan can be reached at shensley@rps.k12.ar.us

Ron Wence, M.Ed.,works as an assistant principal for curriculum, instruction, and professional development in Mt. Holly, New Jersey. After teaching math and coaching soccer and tennis for 15 years, Ron moved to administration and served as math supervisor before transitioning to assistant principal.  Grading to standards, the 9 high yield strategies, and the One Teacher at a Time tenets are the biggest factors contributing to the recent success.  

Ron contributed to Feedback: The Hinge-Factor that Joins Teaching and Learning (2012).

Ron earned his mathematics degree from Elizabethtown College and his administrative degree from the University of Phoenix.   Ron can be reached by phone or email:  Rwence@rvrhs.com     609-267-0837 ext. 3563